Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Strategic Planning Process Review

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The mission of the ARLIS/NA Strategic Planning Committee is to establish priorities for the Society over a set five-year period by producing a Plan, incorporating goals and objectives, to keep the Society innovative, agile, and moving forward. Working with the Executive Board, committees, liaisons and general membership, the Strategic Planning Committee will develop an Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Planning Committee will also serve as a resource during its five-year life span to assist the Society in realizing the Strategic Plan's goals and objectives while also providing a cohesive transition for succeeding Strategic Planning Committees.

The Five Goals

  1. Articulate New Directions and Identity for the Profession
  2. Expand Mentoring, Management, and Transition Skills
  3. Create Stronger Leadership through Promotion, Cooperation and Advocacy
  4. Emphasize our Collections and Stewardship Role
  5. Strengthen the Society's Communication and Operational Infrastructure

Goals & Objectives

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Goal I: Articulate New Directions and Identity for the Profession

  • Leverage and promote the art information professionals' skills beyond the library context;
  • Identify new membership and development opportunities to move the profession forward;
  • Advocate the art information professionals' value and relevance so as to strengthen our membership's standing within our institutions and their respective constituencies;
  • Provide opportunities for members to participate in shaping the role of the profession in the changing environment of art information and scholarship;

Goal II: Expand Mentoring, Management, and Transition Skills

  • Introduce additional mentoring opportunities that increase the possibilities for informal and less structured support and learning experiences for new professionals;
  • Extend and encourage professional development, continuing education, networking and mentoring opportunities, for both mid-career and senior career professionals;
  • Enhance the visibility of all ARLIS/NA and chapter mentoring efforts;

Goal III: Create Stronger Leadership through Promotion, Cooperation and Advocacy

  • Expand the Society's programs to attract those new to the art information profession and those from a diverse range of institutions;
  • Foster partnerships and affiliations with other professional organizations by identifying opportunities for dialogue and collaboration;
  • Build stronger partnerships and programming with our North American, European and international organizations;
  • Promote active chapter involvement as a vital stepping stone towards future societal leadership;
  • Adopt official positions on major issues impacting the profession and the art research environment.

Goal IV: Emphasize our Collections and Stewardship Role

  • Provide a framework and forum for resource sharing collaborations between members and outside institutions, organizations and consortia;
  • Define and articulate our role as stewards of our collections and provide guidance and language to encourage good stewardship;
  • Increase awareness of the importance of unique and special collections and their significance in supporting the missions of their parent organizations;
  • Address new risk management issues engendered by the shift from institutional ownership of resources to our reliance on licensing access to resources;

Goal V: Strengthen the Society's Communication and Operational Infrastructure

  • Improve communication across the organization, enhancing relations among and between the Executive Board, committees, divisions and sections, special interest groups, chapters and liaisons;
  • Align the Society's significant business with the goals and objectives set forth in the Strategic Plan;
  • Continually explore ways in which to enhance the Society's virtual presence through its website and other social media;
  • Facilitate the transfer of leadership and the overall cohesion of the committees, divisions, sections, chapters and liaisons over time by identifying the tools and best practices for record retention of their accomplishments.

Submitted by the Strategic Planning Committee
March 20, 2012

Strategic Planning Committee:
Chair: Hannah Bennett
Board Liaison: Gregory Most
Members: Patricia Barnett (Past Chair), Jennifer Garland, Leigh Gates, Evan Towle, Jamie Lausch Vander Broek
Past Members: Jon Evans (Past Board Liaison), Dan Lipcan, Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Barbara Rockenbach, Eric Wolf

Action Plan

Action Plan - FINAL [PDF]