Publication Proposals

Proposals for publications of any type can be submitted informally at any time to the Chair of the Communications and Publications Committee. The committee chair will forward the submission to the appropriate editor (usually the Professional Resources Editor) who will make a recommendation for publication in print or electronic format.

The Professional Resources Editor will work with the proposal author to create a formal prospectus to be submitted for approval to the Communications and Publications Committee.

Procedures for Submitting a Prospectus

Authors/editors are strongly urged to submit a prospectus to the Professional Resources Editor in order to verify that the concept is appropriate to the Online Publications series, as well as to allow the Communications and Publications Committee and Society to plan and budget for upcoming publications. The prospectus will be reviewed by the Communications and Publications Committee to determine the best format for publication as well as to determine if modifications to the scope and nature of the project are necessary.

A prospectus should consist of the following:

  • An outline of the publication.
  • A description of the project including purpose and value, involvement of ARLIS/NA units, contributors to the publication along with their vitae, and sample chapters or sections if available.
  • Information concerning the intended audience, anticipated format and length of the publication, nature of graphic material to be included, timetable for completion, and current status of the project.
  • Suggested advertising and publicity venues along with costs and contact information.
  • Suggestions for appropriate reviewing journals.

If any costs are associated with the Online Publication, the Committee recommendation and project prospectus will be submitted to the Executive Board for approval.

Approval of the prospectus is not a commitment to publish. The completed manuscript will also undergo review by the Communications and Publications Committee.

Procedures for Manuscript Submission

Four copies of the manuscript should be submitted to the Professional Resources Editor for review by the committee. If a prospectus has not previously been submitted, a cover letter should address the issues of intended audience, anticipated number of first-run copies, suggested advertising venues and their cost, and significance of the project.

The committee will evaluate content, presentation, and style, as well as whether it is appropriate for publication by ARLIS/NA. The committee will submit a recommendation to accept, decline, or accept with modifications (modifications specified). Manuscripts needing more than minor revision should be resubmitted to the Professional Resources Editor for final approval after rewriting. A positive recommendation for manuscripts which have not received board approval at the prospectus stage is forwarded to the executive board. Projects previously submitted to the board will be sent to the president, treasurer, and executive director only if the final bid exceeds the budget approved in the prospectus.

Responsibilities of the Author/Editor

The editors and/or authors are expected to assume the costs of research and manuscript production. If financial assistance is required, ARLIS/NA members may apply for ARLIS/NA Research Awards to cover some of the expenses of research and manuscript production.

Authors and editors are responsible for revising the manuscript according to the Communications and Publications Committee recommendations, and for adhering to the timetable specified in the prospectus, or for keeping the committee informed of any major alterations in the timetable.

The author/editor will work with the Professional Resources Editor on final copy editing and the development of advertising and marketing copy. Authors and editors are responsible for obtaining any necessary copyright permissions.

Responsibilities of ARLIS/NA

When the Society accepts a manuscript for publication, it assumes the costs of printing and distribution (and/or hosting on the ARLIS/NA Website) and major responsibility for publicity and marketing.

An author whose work has been approved for publication should expect timely online publication. However, delays may occur, due either to authors' circumstances or the editorial/production process itself. If publication is unreasonably delayed, the author may be released from his/her commitment by mutual consent.

All ARLIS/NA publications are deposited in the Library of Congress. The copyright is registered. Editors, or the author in the case of a single-author publication, are listed as the author, with ARLIS/NA as copyright holder. Editors or single authors are asked to sign a transfer of copyright agreement with the Society.

Individual authors who do not wish to transfer their copyright to ARLIS/NA may (a) notify the editor or executive director before the printing stage that a copyright notice should be affixed to the individual essay or chapter and (b) register the separate contribution with the Library of Congress after publication.

Text by Jeanne Brown, Publications Committee Chair, approved May 1996. Amended July 2004, March 2009.