ARLIS/NA Research & Reports

The Society's publication programs publish scholarly, professional, or practical work relating to art librarianship and visual resources curatorship.

A list of older publications can be found in the Publications Archive.

rr-genARLIS/NA Core Competencies for Art Information Professionals

Identifies the fundamental knowledge, behaviors, and skills currently essential to most professional positions within the art information field.

Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship

The first publication of its kind, Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship looks at every facet of art museum librarianship.


Artist Files Revealed

This pioneering web-based resource represents a giant step forward in providing access to one of the most important "hidden" collections in art libraries, the Artist Files.

Cataloging Exhibition Publications: Best Practices

This series of publications on best practices, created by the ARLIS/NA Cataloging Advisory Committee, is devoted to providing practical guidance to catalogers working with art exhibition publications.

Collection Development Policies for Libraries and Visual Collections in the Arts

Paradigmatic policy statements from academic, architecture, museum, and art school libraries, as well as from visual collections.

Core Competencies and Core Curricula for the Art Library and Visual Resources Professions

An invaluable tool that guides art librarians and visual resource professionals through the issues and challenges of creating competency standards and allied curricula.

Fine Arts and Visual Resources Librarianship: A Directory of Library Science Degree Programs in North America

This free online publication compiles and presents the extensive survey information from 39 of the 56 ALA accredited library science programs in North America.

Information Competencies for Students in Design Disciplines

This set of competencies is an invaluable aid to librarians as they strive to define and delimit information literacy skills for students in design disciplines.

The Library and the Accreditation Process in Design Disciplines: Best Practices

A practical guide for any professional participating in self-studies for accreditation applications.

Library Instruction for Students in Design Disciplines: Scenarios, Exercises, Techniques

For any professional responsible for teaching about information resources in the areas of the fine arts, applied arts and architecture.