The Society Circle

Since its founding in 1972, the Art Libraries Society of North America has become the leading association for art information professionals in the world. It has grown into a dynamic organization numbering over 1,100 art and architecture librarians, visual resource professionals, publishers, educators, curators and others interested in visual arts information.

Maintaining the Society's position as the leader in the field requires an ongoing commitment. Our mission is to train new art information professionals, provide assistance with research, publish material relevant to the field, and present diverse speakers at conferences in order to enhance the knowledge of our members. To help meet these goals, the Society Circle was formed in 2003 to serve as the Society's fundraising organization. Donations to the Society Circle can be targeted toward four existing funds - the Conference Speakers Fund, the Internship Fund, the Alternative Voices Speakers Fund, the Travel Grant Fund, or can be unrestricted and used wherever the need is greatest.

Joining the Circle

We invite your annual gift to The Society Circle at the following levels: 

Founder's Circle - Gifts of $1,000 and above
  • Donors are acknowledged during the Convocation at the Annual Conference
  • Includes Patron Circle and President's Circle acknowledgements
President's Circle - Gifts of $500 - $999
  • Includes Patron Circle acknowledgements
Patron Circle - Gifts of $200 - $499
  • Donors will be acknowledged on the ARLIS/NA website and in Art Documentation
Members Circle - Gifts of $100 - $199
  • Donors receive a Society Circle lapel pin and acknowledgement via a Society Circle ribbon at the annual conference
  • Donors are invited to the Society Circle Reception with the President during the Annual Conference
Other Contributions - gifts of less than $100
  • Acknowledgement of gift

2015 Society Circle Members

Founder's Circle

Joan Benedetti

Sherman Clarke (in honor of Wittenborn Books)

President's Circle

Sandra Brooke
Janis Ekdahl
Carole Ann Fabian

Edward Goodman
Roger Lawson
Gregory P.J. Most

Lindy Narver
Daniel Starr

Patron's Circle

Deirdre Donohue
Kathy Edwards
Deborah Kempe

Amy Lucker
Darin Murphy
Mark Pompelia (in memory of Robert Scott Brooks)

Ann Roll
Carol Terry
Kathy Woodrell

Members of the Circle

Amanda Bowen
Lyndsay Bratton
Anna Brooke (in memory of Rosemary Furtak)
Marilyn Carbonell (in honor of Suzy Frechette)
Amy Ciccone
Kimberly (Kim) Collins
Susan Davi
Ross Day (in honor of William Dane)
Jolene de Verges
Samantha Deutch
Judy Dyki
Susan Flanagan
Shalimar Abigail Fojas White
Suzy Frechette
Paula Gabbard
Leigh Gates

V. Heidi Hass
Janine Henri
Thomas Jacoby (in memory of Howard Karno)
Lindsay King
Lyn Korenic (in memory of William C. Bunce)
Dan Lipcan (in honor of Linda Seckelson)
Martha Mahard (in memory of Wolfgang Freitag)
Martha Maier
Eileen Markson
Emille Mathews
Laurence McGilvery
Gary Miller
Susan Moon (in memory of James A. Findlay)
Nancy Norris
Maria Oldal
Christina Peter

Henry Pisciotta
Faith Pleasanton (in memory of Kirk Varnedoe)
Elizabeth (Lily) Pregill
Barbara Reed
Alyssa Resnick (in memory of Carol J. Resnick)
Sylvia Roberts
Marilyn Russell
Anne Simmons
Suzanna Simor (in memory of Judith Hoffberg)
Kenneth Soehner
Sandra Still
Allen Townsend (in honor of Kay Krochman Marks)
Lee Viverette
Margaret Webstar
Floyd Zula

Past Founder's Circle Members


Joan Benedetti
Sherman Clarke (in honor of Wittenborn Books)
Doris Freitag (in memory of Dr. Wolfgang M. Freitag)


Joan Benedetti


Joan Benedetti 


Joan Benedetti
William Dane 


Joan Benedetti
Deborah Boudewyns 


Joan Benedetti 


Joan Benedetti
Wolfgang Freitag (In Honor of Pamela J. Parry)


Joan Benedetti 


Nancy Allen (in honor of Caroline Backlund)
Joan Benedetti*
Deborah Ultan Boudewyns (Francis V. Gorman Art Library Fund, University of Minnesota, Wilson Library) 


Joan Benedetti
Deborah Ultan Boudewyns (in honor of Indiana University graduates specializing in Art and Visual Resources Librarianship)