On behalf of the ARLIS/NA Executive board and the 2021 conference planning committee, I am pleased to invite you to participate in the 2021 ARLIS/NA Virtual Conference. Our conference theme is “Convergence = Créativité + Collaboration” and these ideas are woven throughout the program. Panel sessions, talks, discussion forums, and other events will feature new and continuing projects, explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on libraries and arts institutions, and showcase the scholarship of our members. Hosted by the ARLIS/NA MOQ (Montréal, Ottawa, Québec) Chapter, this year’s annual conference promises to be a dynamic online event that will feature highlights from the city, museums, and libraries of Montréal.

Creativity and collaboration have also been part of the conference planning process as we pivoted to a virtual event. Thanks to Jennifer Garland and John Latour for their collaboration in building an outstanding program, one that includes sessions postponed from the 2020 annual conference. Thanks to Adèle Flannery and Viveca Pattison Robichaud for their creativity in planning engaging events and activities in the online environment. Thanks to Pierre B. Landry for deftly liaising with the Development Committee to converge support for the conference. Thanks also to all the MOQ Chapter members and volunteers on the conference planning committee for their assistance imagining and implementing the virtual conference. Finally, thank you to Megan Brouwer, ARLIS/NA meeting planner, for her tireless efforts in helping us realize this year’s conference.

The 2021 conference will be hosted in an interactive virtual conference platform that supports all the hallmarks of the ARLIS/NA annual conference: sessions, workshops, keynotes, discussion forums, posters, space for vendors, tours, and networking events. There will be many opportunities to connect with colleagues and meet new members throughout the conference. We will also have opportunities for a little armchair travel as we visit some of Montréal’s cultural institutions via virtual tours.

Join us as we converge online in May to celebrate the creativity and collaboration of ARLIS/NA members, the rich and varied field of visual arts information, and the arts and culture of Montréal.


Amy Trendler
ARLIS/NA President