To encourage and support ARLIS/NA Chapters, Committees, Divisions, Sections, and Special Interest Groups in the development and completion of special projects and products that further the goals of the society, and for which extraordinary expenses will be incurred. Requests should advance the society's strategic directions or relate to the Society‚Äôs core competencies. 


  • Annual Funding Request: submitted in advance of the next fiscal year, to be spent within the next fiscal year. No funding limit. Reviewed at the mid-year executive board meeting.
  • Immediate Funding Request: submitted during the fiscal year, to be spent within the fiscal year. Funding is typically limited to $500 but larger amounts may be considered dependent on the fiscal health of the society. Reviewed within 30 days of submission.


These may involve, but are not limited to, events, products, or services such as: 

  • Events that enhance chapter meetings, such as workshops, symposia, or joint meetings.
  • Print or electronic publications, including data migration. Outreach activities or materials.
  • Translation of chapter or society publications or resources.
  • Other projects not covered above will be considered by the Board. Priority will be given to those projects that have a lasting benefit to the society.

Project and Service Charter

If your project is new, fill out the project and service charter form. If your project is part of the regular business of your group, the charter is not necessary.


Funding is available to all ARLIS/NA Chapters, Committees, Divisions, Sections, and Special Interest Groups for extraordinary expenses incurred for such projects as described above. Funding will be approved only in advance of the project, not after its completion. 

Award Amounts

The current honorarium for a guest leader of a non-conference program or workshop is $150.

The number and amount of awards will be determined by the executive board depending on the financial health of the society. 

Guidelines for Expenses

Examples of Covered Expenses

  • Honoraria for non-ARLIS/NA member speakers 
  • Equipment rental, 
  • Research costs, survey costs

Examples of Expenses Not Covered

  • Chapter operating expenses
  • Typical Chapter business meetings expenses
  • Fundraising
  • Ordinary travel expenses (such as to Chapter meetings)
  • Awards
  • Graphic design services for logos or promotional material
  • Food and beverage costs

Application & Grants Timetable

Immediate Special Funding Request projects must be conducted on a timetable up to but not exceeding a twelve-month period ending December 31, 2020. Annual special funding requests for projects must be conducted on a timetable up to, but not exceeding, a twelve-month period beginning January 1, 2020. While ongoing funding is not guaranteed, multi-year projects that progress satisfactorily during the first year will be viewed favorably for continued funding in subsequent years. Please use the immediate funding application form. 


Three weeks later: Application review by the executive board and notification of decision
One month after project completion: Deadline for reporting to treasurer

Reporting Requirements

  1. A final report describing and evaluating the project's status and/or final product(s) must be submitted electronically to the ARLIS/NA Treasurer no later than one month after the project is completed. This report will be posted on ARLIS-L and the ARLIS/NA website. It should summarize the project, state how the funding contributed to its success, and emphasize ways in which the project could be useful to other groups or to the national organization.
  2. A financial statement (income and expenses), with receipts where appropriate, should be submitted to the ARLIS/NA Treasurer within one month after the project is completed.
  3. If you anticipate a change in leadership in your group, please make certain to notify your successor of this request and the documents that accompany it. All group contacts will be notified of the outcome of their proposal once the funding request has been approved. 

Special Funding Project Reports