Revised by the ARLIS/NA Documentation Committee, 2018

The ARLIS/NA Archives have been housed in the University Archives at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since 2009. The University Archives at UIUC has a particular interest in archives of professional societies and collects selectively in that area. They also hold collections such as the Archives of the American Library Association and the Advertising Council.

The ARLIS/NA Archives at the University Archives at UIUC contain physical and electronic records generated by the Society and its chapters. The contents of the Society’s website at, including the chapter websites sub-hosted on the site, have been web-archived through a program at Columbia University since 2015.

ARLIS/NA members: for detailed instructions on how to collect and submit your ARLIS/NA papers to the archive at UIUC, please see the information on the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) Archives site.

Who should send material to the ARLIS/NA Archives?

  • Members of the ARLIS/NA Executive Board

  • Presidents or chairs of ARLIS/NA chapters

  • Chairs of ARLIS/NA Committees and Sub-committees

  • Coordinators of ARLIS/NA SIGs, Sections, and Divisions

If you are serving or have served in one of these roles for ARLIS/NA or one of its chapters, you should send your related papers to the ARLIS/NA Archives. Anyone with interesting historical documentation related to the activities of ARLIS/NA (e.g. photographs, audio documentation) is also encouraged to send this material to the archives.

When should material be sent to the ARLIS/NA Archives?

  • Once per year following the end of the annual ARLIS/NA conference

ARLIS/NA years are calculated based on the timing of the Society’s annual conference, with years beginning and ending at the time of the conference. Members should submit their papers to the ARLIS/NA Archives at the end of their term following the annual conference for single-year appointments, or once per year following the annual conference for multiple-year terms.

What should be included and how should I send it?

The ARLIS/NA Archives lists the needs of the collection on its website. Guidelines for organizing and shipping print materials are also described there. ARLIS/NA electronic materials can be uploaded to the reserved ARLIS/NA space on Wherever possible, PDF is the preferred format for electronic documents, so please create clean PDF copies of Word documents, Excel files, email correspondence, etc. When creating file names for your Archives PDFs, make the contents obvious, including subject and date created. Consider following the file-naming conventions used by the Whitney Museum of Art.

What about sensitive material?

Incoming material is routinely examined for potential privacy or confidentiality concerns. Only documents clearly intended for public use, such as conference schedules and newsletters, are posted online. Other forms of digital information are provided to users of the archive upon request.

Further Information:

University of Illinois Archives Transfer Guidelines