What Our Members Are Saying

Brought to you by the ARLIS/NA Membership Committee

What Our Members Are Saying: Suzanne Rackover

Manager, Library & Archives, Paul D. Fleck Library & Archives, The Banff Centre

 ARLIS/NA was my first introduction to the professional world of art librarianship. Attending my first conference in Minneapolis and learning that there was a cohort of art librarians in Canada and around the world that I could turn to for mentorship and professional council was a revelation. Having the umbrella of ARLIS/NA to structure our meetings and guide us through policymaking, collection building, and professional development is invaluable, particularly in Canada where for many of us the next closest art librarian could be several hundred kilometers away.


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What Our Members Are Saying: Meghan Musolff

Special Projects Librarian for Library IT, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

I have been a member of ARLIS/NA since 2008. Hard to believe it’s been that long!

Similar to other information professionals, I have been employed in libraries for most of my adult life. But I didn’t discover the field of art librarianship until embarrassingly late in the game. A profession that combines art and libraries? SIGN ME UP. I often joke that ARLIS/NA saved my professional life, but it’s true. The discovery of an organization that includes individuals with the same interests, challenges, and sense of humor as you is incredibly powerful to a new professional. The thought that others continue to have that same eureka moment brings me joy.

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What Our Members Are Saying: Emily Walz

Associate Librarian, Christie's

During my last year of undergraduate school, I started seriously considering becoming a librarian. I loved doing research, but I also knew that pursuing academia wasn’t the right choice for me. At that point, I hadn’t yet realized that “art librarian” was a career option outside of academic libraries. I was fortunate enough to intern for a summer on an archeological dig in Greece, doing what was ultimately archives work (although since none of us had any archives or library training, we weren’t calling it that). I loved the work, and hoped that eventually I could do something similar as a career. After returning from Greece, I worked an office job and applied to library schools, thinking I’d probably end up working either as an archivist or in a university library.

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