Published 09/18/19


Advocacy and Public Policy Committee News Alerts Special Edition, September 2019

2019 Canada Federal Election Resources / Ressources sur les élections fédérales de 2019

We are pleased to share this special edition of resources for the upcoming Canada federal election.

The 2019 Canadian federal election, scheduled for October 21, 2019, will determine the next prime minister and all 338 members of Parliament in the House of Commons.Les prochaines élections fédérales canadiennes auront lieu le 21 octobre 2019 et éliront les députés de la 43e legislature du Parlement du Canada.

General Voting Resources / Ressources Générales

Registration / Inscription

Voting While Overseas / Électeurs résidant à l'étranger

Sample Ballots

News Coverage and Analysis

These election resources were compiled by Amy Furness and Suzanne Rackover.