Advocacy & Public Policy Committee News Alerts support the committee's mission to monitor governmental activities and social justice issues affecting the professional interests of ARLIS/NA and to keep the ARLIS/NA membership informed. The monthly alerts are intended to be conversation starters, help members keep up on public policy issues and alert members to new developments.

Published 9/10/2020

Advocacy & Public Policy Committee News Alerts v.6 n.7, July 2020

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Black Lives Matter Updates
COVID-19 Updates
Activism and Social Justice in the Arts
Copyright, Fair Use, Image Rights/Reuse
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access (IDEA)
Intellectual Freedom/Access to Information
Open Access

This issue of News Alerts was compiled by Amy Furness, Vaughan Hennen, Serenity Ibsen, Karly Wildenhaus, Lynora Williams, and Michael Wirtz.



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