New Orleans, Louisiana | February 5-9 | Hilton New Orleans Riverside

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1. Engaging Library Users in Collection Development
2. When Research Doesn't Start with a Question: Teaching With the Framework Within Art and Architecture Librarianship
3. Placemaking and Urban Renewal: Art for Change
4. Le Bibliothécaire Solo: Success in the Diverse World of Solo Art Librarianship
5. Digitization and Preservation: Small Easy and Built Environment Resource Directory
6. How to Develop a Comic Book and Graphic Novel Collection
7. Visual Literacy For All! Instruction in the Self-directed Digital Era
8. Collaborations that Re-Envision Library Managment, Service and Space: Two Perspectives on Some Trending Shfts in Libraries
9. Hacks and Innovative Approaches to Cataloging Non-Roman Script Materials
10. NDSR Art
11. Impacts of Working with Linked Data
15. Instruction in Sync: Faculty-Librarian Collaborations in the Classroom
16. Scope Drift: New Directions in Visual Resources
17. Critical Information Literacy in Art and Design Libraries
18. Does the Walker Choose the Path, or the Path the Walker: International Perspectives on Art Librarianship