Salt Lake City, Utah | March 26-30 | The Grand America Hotel

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Special Events

Distinguished Service Award
DIversity Forum

The Art of Belonging: Intersectional & Anti-Oppressive Practices in Art Librarianship 

Moderators: Amanda Meeks, Andrew Wang
Facilitators: Jennifer Ferretti, Lia Friedman, Simone Fujita, Evan Schilling


Wednesday, March 27, 9:00–10:20am

  1. Catalogers' Judgements: Ethical Cataloging and Artists from Underrepresented Groups
    Moderator: Andrea Puccio
    Allison Colborne
    Meredith Hale
    Treshani Perera
    Kelly Swickard
    Luiza Wainer  
  2. Insightful Ecology, Using the Arts to Incite Conversation: Art & Ecology in the Library
    Moderator: Debra A. Riley-Huff
    Paisley Rekdal
    Stephanie Beene
    Amy Jankowski
    Subhankar Banerjee   
  3. It's About Time: Open Educational Resources and the Arts
    Moderator: Ian McDermott, Emily Coxe
    John Hilton III
    Shira Loev Eller
  4. SIG Lightning Round
    Moderator: Breanne Crumpton   
  5. Visual Literacy as a Pedagogical Tool: Photography and Beyond
    Moderator: Robert Gore
    Robert Gore
    Margaret Donelian Ericson
    Micki Harrington
    Bridget Nowlin 

Wednesday, March 27, 1:30–2:50pm 

  1. Assess Don't Assume: What Gets Considered When Choosing Print vs. Digital
    Moderator: Andi Back
    Deborah Ultan
    Alan Michelson
    Annalise Welte
    Gwen Mayhew
    Emily Winthrop
    Giovanni Scorcioni  
    Kiana Jones
  2. Expanded Practice: Implementing Alt Text and Net Art Preservation in Digital Collections
    Moderator: Molly Szymanski
    Amye McCarther
    Courtney Yevich Tkacz  
  3. First Year Insight: Disrupting Assumptions about Research in Art & Design
    Moderator: Linden How
    Linden How
    Siân Evans
    Shannon Marie Robinson
    Mackenzie Salisbury   
  4. Social Justice Frameworks and Special Collections in Practice
    Moderator: Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez 
    Cory Budden
    Katherine Cowan
    Heidi Herr    
  5. You, Too, Can Write a Review: Demystifying the Library Resource Review Process
    Moderator: Melanie Emerson
    Melanie Emerson
    Terrie Wilson
    Amy Trendler
    Alexandra Provo
    Olivia Miller Piepmeier
    Andrew Wang

Wednesday, March 27, 4:10–5:30pm

  1. Getting Started with Collections as Data
    Moderator: Kelly Davis 
    Rebecca Menendez
    Cheryl Miller
    Andrzej Rutkowski
    Stacy R. Williams   
  2. In Process: Subverting and Dismantling Institutional Hegemony in Libraries
    Moderator: Michele Jennings 
    Michele Jennings
    Samuel T. Barber
    Ashley Hosbach
    Kimberly Lesley
    Evan Schilling
    Kevin Whiteneir    
  3. Inciting Learning by Doing: Bringing Active Learning into Your Classroom
    Moderator: Eva Sclippa
    Eva Sclippa
    Ginny Moran
    Courtney Baron
    Olivia Miller Piepmeier
    Sara Quimby
    Shannon Marie Robinson  
  4. Insight and Impact: Thriving as a Solo Art Information Professional
    Moderator: Amanda McKnight 
    Abby Stambach
    Amye McCarther
    John Burns
    Lauren Gottlieb-Miller   
    Nilda Sanchez-Rodriguez
  5. Now You See it, Now You Don't: Accessing Design Work
    Moderator: Rebecca Price
    Rebecca Price
    Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez

Thursday, March 28, 9:50–10:50am

  1. Assessment in Art Libraries
    Moderator: Kathy Edwards 
    Carla-Mae Crookendale
    Kristina Keogh
    Claire Powell  
    Donald Juedes
  2. Caregivers in Sight: Normalizing Parenting and Caregiving at Your Library
    Moderators: Karyn Hinkle, Stephanie Fletcher
    Keynote: Kat Martinez
    Panel:Kate Joranson
    Sonja Staum Lehman
    Gwen Mayhew
    Ian McDermott   
  3. From Street Art in VR to Researching “Composita”: Collaborative Digital Approaches for the Win
    Moderator: Amy Hunsaker
    Amy Hunsaker
    Laura Rocke
    Debra Riley-Huff
  4. Museum Library Futures
    Moderator: Lauren Gottlieb-Miller
    Lauren Gottlieb-Miller
    Lee Ceperich
    Amy Furness
    Alison Huftalen
    Catherine Robertson  
  5. NDSR Art: Developing Cross-Institutional Digital Preservation Strategies for GLAM Assets
    Moderator: Karina Wratschko
    Kristen Regina 
    Jennifer Ferretti 
    Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez 
    Alvin Dantes 
    Molly Szymanski
    Tali Han 
    Jean Moylan 
    Ben Fino-Radin
    Rachel M. Ward 

Thursday, March 28th, 11:00am–12:00pm 

  1. Better to Receive?: Approaches to Building, Managing, and Promoting Artist Files Collections
    Moderator: Anne Evenhaugen
    Anne Evenhaugen
    Alexandra Reigle
    Keli Rylance
    Karen Stafford
    Anna Cohen Tomlinson  
  2. Building Support Systems for Collections-Based Scholarship
    Moderator: Juliet Vinegra 
    Kristen Regina
    Karina Wratschko 
    Juliet Vinegra 
    Jessica Breiman
    Alana Wolf-Johnson 
  3. Insights for the Future: Exploring Trends and Issues in Academic Art Libraries
    Moderators: Becca Pad
    Becca Pad
    Ginny Moran
    Caley Cannon
    Andi Back  
  4. Material Culture in Utah and the West: Insights from Decorative and Fine Arts Objects
    Moderators: Katie Monroe, Kathy Woodrell
    Leslie Anderson
    Adrienne Decker
    Richard Oman
  5. Multimodality on Display: Expanding the Methods of Exhibitions in Libraries and Museums
    Moderator: Stefanie Hilles 
    Jennifer Garland
    Yuki Hibben
    Jonathan Lill

Thursday, March 28, 1:30–2:50pm 

  1. Creative Insight: Using Art + Critical Design Practices for Libraries Future Thinking
    Moderator: Ashley Peterson
    Shannon Marie Robinson
    Mackenzie Salisbury   
  2. Digital & Diverse Collections: Creation, Management, Development
    Moderator: Jean Moylan 
    Jean Moylan
    Deborah Ultan
    Christina Peter
    Tomas Rene   
  3. Off/Site: Lesson Planning Inspired by Archival, Studio, and Online Environments
    Moderator: Micki Harrington
    Micki Harrington
    Ika Jorum
    Kaitlyn Parker
    Claire Powell   
  4. Strategic Collision: Innovative Teaching with Artists' Books
    Moderator: Sarah Carter
    Kiana Jones
    Allie McCormack
    Sha Towers   
  5. Within Sight: Collaborations Across Institutional and Geographic Borders
    Moderator: Emily Coxe 
    Elisa Hansen
    Marie-Laetitia Lachévre
    Todd Samuelson
    Whitney Tassie
    Ann Roll
    Kai Alexis Smith
    Laurel Bliss 

Thursday, March 28, 3:00–4:20pm 

  1. Career Development Panel
    Moderator: Michelle Wilson
    Michelle Wilson
    Carly Diab
    Suz Massen
    Heather Gendron 
  2. New Voices in the Profession
    Moderators: Meredith Hale, Olivia Miller Piepmeier
    Dianne Weinthal
    Kirsten Painter
    Renee Bedard
    Kristina Bush   
  3. Sightlines on Cultural Appropriation In Our Libraries and Communities
    Moderator: Katherine Cowan
    Katherine Cowan
    Deborah Ultan 
    Millicent Fullmer
    Liv Valmestad
    Franci Taylor   
  4. Together in the Archive: Building Collaborative Relationships between Archivists and Librarians
    Moderator: Ashley Hinshaw
    Courtenay McLeland
    Jennifer Martinez Wormser
    Kaitlyn Parker
    Allie McCormack
    Stefanie Hilles

Friday, March 29, 2:00–3:20pm  

  1. Architecture Networks: Building Connections Between Collections
    Moderator: Aimee Lind
    Robin Johnson
    Margaret Smithglass
    Alan Michelson
    Annabel Lee Enriquez   
  2. Find Yourself: Developing a Professional Identity in Art Librarianship
    Moderator: Vaughan Hennen
    Delia Tash
    Diane Dias De Fazio
    Marianne Williams   
  3. Leadership Focus: Training and Certification
    Moderator: Laura Schwartz
    Laura Schwartz
    Kim Collins
    Lauren MacDonald
  4. The Spiral Jetty Partnership
    Moderator: Whitney Tassie
    Whitney Tassie
    Laura Ault
    Bonnie Baxter
    Kelly Kivland


Session Abstracts 

  1. Revitalizing Online Presence and Identity: Creating and Implementing a Six-Month Social Media Plan | Alex O’Keefe
  2. Philadelphia Museum of Art: Exploring New Possibilities for Art Information and Collaborations | Kristen Regina & Karina Wratschko
  3. Reading Pain: Artists’ Books and the Aesthetics of Women in Anguish | Amanda C. R. Clark & Sophia Du Val
  4. Hybrid Symbols of Identity and the Royal Chicano Air Force Poster Collection | Anna Harper & Summer Ventis
  5. DIY Feminism: Grrrl Zines in the Third Wave | Autumn Wetli
  6. Because it’s 2018: Supporting Multimodal Projects in the Library | Emily Thompson & Jenn Stewart
  7. Animating an Ongoing Partnership | Emily Thompson & Katie Hargrave
  8. Wikipedia as a Platform to Teach the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education | Courtney Baron
  9. Songs and Flowers of the Wasatch: A 19th century Utah artist's book? | Elizabeth Smart
  10. Roving Reference for Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors | Heather Saunders
  11. Apparition or Icon? Integrating Critical Visual Literacy into Primary Source Instruction | Jillian Ewalt
  12. Meet the University of the Arts Zine Collection | Kathryn Coyle
  13. Extra-curricular Engagements: A case for provocative displays | Kathy Edwards
  14. Fairytales & the Five-Year Plan: An Online Exhibit of Rare Russian Children's Books at University of Washington Special Collections | Kirsten Painter
  15. Art in Sight: Art Acquisition, Exhibition, Promotion, and Advocacy in Academic Libraries | Laura Thompson
  16. Art E-book Usage Patterns at an Academic Library | Mary Anne Dyer
  17. Diary of an early career art librarian: Bullet journaling and the mediation of past, present, and future | Michele Jennings
  18. The Art Fund of The Belgrade City Library | Olivera Nastić
  19. Information Visualization and the Interpretive Frames Offered by Artists’ Books | Regina Pagani & Steven Braun
  20. UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art - Art Press Collection | Richard J.W. Zwiercan
  21. #PoetryatPUL: Digital Outreach with Visual Poetry Collections | Sarah Hamerman
  22. Preserving and Disseminating Student-Created Video Games in Academic and Research Libraries | Tallie Casucci & Anne Morrow
  23. Developing Workflows and Procedures for Artifact Photography and Cataloging at Brooklyn Historical Society | Tess Colwell & Anna Schwartz
  24. Demystifying the Thesis: Visualization Science Graduate Students at Texas A&M University | Tina Budzise-Weaver
  25. Getty's Art and Architecture Thesaurus® for the art libraries in Antwerp : a local collaboration going global | Ute Staes
  26. A Picture (Of Data) Is Worth a Thousand Words | William Blueher & Michael Cummings
  27. Thousands of Objects, Two Buildings, One Project: Merging Museum/Library Practices | Jessica Breiman & Alana Wolf Johnson
  28. Redefining Access to Visual Art | Annie Sollinger

Vendor Talks 

Moderator: Dan Lipcan

  1. Featured Vendor Talks 1
    Yale University Press
    Atelier-Galerie A. Piroir
    i2S- LIMB Gallery
  2. Featured Vendor Talks 2
    Shogakukan, Inc.
    ACLS Humanities E-Book 
  3. Featured Vendor Talks 3
    East View Information Services