Published 06/21/2019


Call for Applications are being accepted for The Summer Educational Institute for Visual Resources and Image Management (SEI) Incoming Co-Chair. This is the first year of a three-year SEI commitment. It is a great opportunity for resume building and networking. SEI pays all expenses for Co-Chairs to be on site and offers a stipend for their time. SEI encourages applicants from all backgrounds and identities to apply. 

SEI is a joint project of the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) and the Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF). SEI seeks to provide information professionals with a substantive educational and professional development opportunity focused on digital imaging collections, the information and experience needed to stay current in a rapidly changing field, and the opportunity to create and be part of a network of supportive colleagues. As a joint project, the Incoming Co-Chair position alternates between an ARLIS/NA and a VRA member each year. We are now seeking applications from an ARLIS/NA member in good standing for the Incoming Co-Chair position. (SEI will be seek a VRA member as Incoming Co-Chair in summer 2020.) 

The incumbent’s first year (July 2019 - June 2020) will be spent as SEI Student Liaison and Incoming Co-Chair, the second year (July 2020 – June 2021) as SEI Faculty Liaison and Junior Co-Chair, and the third year (July 2021 – July 2022) as SEI Senior Co-Chair. The full position descriptions are below:

SEI Student Liaison and Incoming Co-Chair ($750 stipend)

The Incoming Co-Chair and Student Liaison is the first year-long position of the three-year SEI Commitment, and serves as the primary contact with all SEI attendees prior to and during the Summer Educational Institute, updating them as needed on matters regarding curriculum, local arrangements (in conjunction with the Local Arrangements Chair), and fielding all questions related to attendance at SEI once registered. The Student Liaison also serves as the Incoming Co-Chair of SEI, and will work with and observe the SEI Senior and Junior Co-Chairs as part of their training for their future Co-Chair role. The SEI Student Liaison is expected to be "on the ground" for SEI.

SEI Faculty Liaison and Junior Co-Chair ($1,500 stipend)

The SEI Junior Co-Chair position is held for the second year of the three-year SEI commitment. The Junior Co-Chair works closely with the SEI Senior Co-Chair on the leadership and implementation of all aspects of SEI. The SEI Junior Co-Chair is responsible for taking the minutes for all SEI Implementation Team meetings; for collaborating with the SEI Senior Co-Chair to divide leadership responsibilities and tasks evenly and fairly; for the implementation of the SEI timeline and other tasks in the absence of the SEI Senior Co-Chair; for being “on the ground” at SEI; for working closely with the SEI Student Liaison and Incoming Co-Chair to make certain that they understand the responsibilities of their role; and for taking charge of all of the documentation aspects of the year which include: setting up the Implementation Team Google Site for the year, archiving copies of the previous year's final documents in Basecamp, bringing a copy of the previous year's documents over to a Google Drive folder for the current year, and giving team members access to appropriate Google folders and the Google site.

SEI Senior Co-Chair ($1,500 stipend)

The SEI Senior Co-Chair position is held in the final year of the three-year SEI commitment. The Senior Co-Chair takes primary responsibility for the leadership and implementation of all aspects of SEI, with the assistance and sharing of responsibilities with the SEI Junior Co-Chair. The SEI Senior Co-Chair is responsible for establishing and running all SEI Implementation Team meetings; for making certain that the SEI timeline is being followed and tasks completed by individual Implementation Team members; for primary oversight of the SEI budget and registration process; oversight of contract negotiations with the host institution; for being “on the ground” at SEI; and for formal reporting to the ARLIS/NA Board, the VRAF Board, and other groups (for example, the Kress Foundation) that have contributed to SEI. 

SEI is currently seeking host sites/locations for 2020 and beyond.  

If you have any questions please e-mail them and/or your application (Name, Job Title, and Statement of Interest) to SEI Co-Chair Courtney Baron by July 8, 2019.