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Call for Applications: SEI Incoming Co-Chair (ARLIS/NA)

Call for Applications are being accepted for The Summer Educational Institute for Visual Resources and Image Management (SEI) Incoming Co-Chair.

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Advocacy and Public Policy Committee News Alert, May 2019

The Advocacy and Public Policy Committee News Alerts support the committee's mission to monitor public policy issues and keep the ARLIS/NA membership informed. The monthly alerts are intended to be conversation starters, help members keep up on public policy issues, and alert members to new developments. 

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NDSR Art Task Force Update 2019

The ARLIS/NA Executive Board announces the publication of the NDSR Art Task Force Update 2019. The update summarizes the first year of the NDSR Art program and offers recommendations for continuing education in digital preservation and stewardship for ARLIS/NA members.openAccess

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ARLIS/NA and DLF Revive Affiliation and GLAM Cross-Pollinator Fellowship

The ARLIS/NA executive board approved revival of our informal affiliation with the Digital Library Foundation. The immediate benefit will stem from the society’s taking part in the DLF’s GLAM Cross-Pollinator Registration Awards program.

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