Published 12/13/17


Arts & Humanities Librarian, Claire T. Carney Library, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

  1. How did you first become aware of ARLIS/NA?
    Heather Gendron was one of the instructors for my Art and Visual Information Management course at UNC-Chapel Hill and spoke very highly of the organization as a way for future and practicing art information professionals to network, grow, and serve the profession.
  2. How did you first become involved with ARLIS/NA? When did you become a member? 
    I became a member of ARLIS/NA as a student in 2012 after hearing so much about it from Heather. My first real involvement was at the annual conference in Pasadena in 2013. I submitted a proposal based on my master's paper research and was accepted to present it as a topic talk at the Art and Design School Division meeting since it was particularly interesting to them (video game design!). I was also awarded the Professional Development Travel Award from ARLIS/NA-Southeast to attend the conference.
  3. What do you find most valuable about being a member of ARLIS/NA? 
    The network of colleagues who are so willing to help out on ARLIS-L. It's impossible to know the answer to every reference question or have all the subject knowledge. I've had such good fortune in asking the listserv for help. They have made me seem like a superhero! 
    I also highly value having Art Documentation, ARLIS/NA Reviews, and Multimedia & Technology Reviews to read and help me grow as an art librarian. Don't get me wrong, going to conferences full of art information folks is great, but these publications throughout the year really help me with day to day aspects of my current position.
  4. Describe your involvement with ARLIS/NA? (service/leadership on  committees//divisions/sections/chapters, involvement in conference  planning, etc.). 
    I'm currently serving on the Professional Development Committee and as a liaison to ALA ACRL Arts Section. This past year I was a part of the poster committee for our annual conference in New Orleans. From 2013-2015 I also chaired and served on the Professional Development Travel Award Committee for ARLIS/NA-Southeast.
  5. Any other ARLIS/NA related experience you would like to share? 
    My first position out of library school was not very art-focused. Being apart of ARLIS/NA helped me still feel grounded in the arts even when my job took me in many other directions. I honestly feel like paying attention to the listserv, publications, and conferences along with serving the organization helped me secure the type of job that I needed for my long term career goals.
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