Published 2/26/16

Serenity Ibsen

To celebrate the ARLIS/NA + VRA 3rd Joint Conference, "What Our Members Are Saying" includes guest posts by Visual Reseources Association (VRA) members.

Technical Services and Archives Librarian, Pacific Northwest College of Art

Upon completion of my MLS in 2011, I was hired as technical services and archives librarian at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in Portland, Oregon. Because this position mainly deals with digital asset management, my supervisor decided between the two arts-centric professional organizations—the Visual Resources Association was the most appropriate.

Since becoming a member, I have served as secretary/treasurer for my chapter, co-authored and edited “Tech Tips” for the VRA Bulletin (Images), and joined the Intellectual Property Rights Committee. I am currently participating in the Slide and Transitional Media Task Force’s Slides Case Studies.

I have been at the PNCA library since 2004 and spent a lot of my first four years wrangling visual resources in all phases of the digital asset lifecycle. In my current position at PNCA, I work with students on intellectual property rights issues, information and visual literacy, and best practices in art documentation and archiving. This work contributes to digital undergraduate and graduate thesis collections in the institutional repository we developed. VRA and the Pacific Rim chapter have been valuable knowledge bases and sounding boards for traditional best practices in visual resources as well as current practices in academia.

I am so grateful for my amazing colleagues who are always willing to share information and experiences. I look forward to meeting some of them in person in Seattle and to catching up with my chapter. This will be my first VRA conference and because it’s local this year, I was able to requisition institutional support to attend. I’m excited that this will be a joint conference with ARLIS/NA because I also have friends who are ARLIS/NA members and I’m happy that members of both organizations will be in the same place soon.

I am not a member of ARLIS/NA, but I do subscribe to the listserv, wrote an ARLIS/NA Reviews book review, and am a peer reviewer for Art Documentation.

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