Featured Projects

Humanities Commons Planning Task Force

Lead: Editorial Board

Following recommendations of the Open Access Task Force Final Report, the ARLIS/NA executive board approved this task force to explore in detail the benefit and detriments of joining the Humanities Commons as a means of bringing the society’s publications and learning tools to a wider range of related professions in an open access platform. Main topics to be considered include costs, content, and implementation, with particular regard for the impact of such participation on membership retention, publishing and website content, educational programs, and association management.

Approved: June 2018

New Art Museum Library

Lead: Museum Division

The New Art Museum Library publication aims to address current thinking and practice, as well as articulate the art museum library’s value within our institutions. It will provide information and scholarship that matches current ideological thinking, and address current technological practice. It will be a catalyst to raising awareness on the intrinsic value of the library within an art museum, seeing it as not just a luxury, but a mission critical piece of a well-functioning institution.

Approved: May 2018

Academic Division’s Report

Lead: Academic Division

In response to recent situations where academic art libraries have faced crises around on-site collections, space issues, and leadership vacuums, the Academic Division of ARLIS/NA, in consultation with the Public Policy Committee and the Collection Development SIG, will form a working group to develop a white paper addressing the current state of academic art libraries. The white paper will address the importance of leadership, advocacy, and building/keeping the trust of library users, as well as present some possible solutions/guidance to solve concerns. The project will benefit from all the work done by the UT task force, literature. https://lib.utexas.edu/sites/default/files/FAL_task_force_report_final_2018-04-02.pdf 

Approved: April 2018 

Data & Assessment Committee (DAC)—Data & Assessment Coordinator

Lead: Executive Board

This committee will oversee the creation and implementation of an assessment plan that will support regular data collection and assessments of the Society’s activities and membership. With the chair serving as the Data & Assessment Coordinator, the committee will regularly provide the Executive Board, the Strategic Directions Committee, and other ARLIS/NA leaders with actionable data and analysis in support of programmatic approaches to decision-making.

Approved: February 2018

Directory of Digital Art History (DAHD)

Lead: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in collaboration with Cataloging Section, Digital Humanities SIG, Web Archiving SIG, and Systems Librarian Working Group

A registry of digital art history (DAH) projects that provides access, discoverability, and pedagogical uses of DAH projects. The DAHD will also be concerned with sustainability (both intellectually and technologically) and diversity (projects from both large and small institutions/publications). Who better to create, curate, catalog, and conserve a DAHD than art librarians? We envision more of a Directory of projects that would be catalogued, indexed, and annotated by ARLISLNA members seeking to resolve these challenges. This is a moment for ARLISNA to take the lead and providing a service, dataset, and possible best practices, all for future scholarship.

Approved: August 2017