Association Executives Group (AEG) serves as the association management company for ARLIS/NA.

Association Executives Group (AEG) serves as the association management company (AMC) for ARLIS/NA under the provisions of ARLIS/NA Bylaws Article X.

AEG serves at the pleasure of the Executive Board. This relationship is formalized by contract, which is in force until April 30, 2021. AEG is headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

AEG, more commonly called ARLIS/NA Headquarters, provides the following services to ARLIS/NA: general office support (physical address, telephone, and storage), publications and graphic design, membership processing, customer care, financial services, information technology services, advertising and sponsorship services, and conference management.

In order to provide these services, AEG maintains a staff of approximately 15 individuals. The contact information for some of the staff and departments as well as their hours of operation can be found below.

Customer Care Center
(website access and conference registration)
+1 800-817-0621 ext. 450 / +1 414-908-4954 ext. 450

Membership Department
(membership renewal, joining ARLIS/NA, Society Circle membership)
+1 800-817-0621 ext. 116 / +1 414-908-4954 ext. 116

(conference advertisement, exhibits and sponsorship)
Contact: Kate Feuling
+1 800-817-0621 ext. 111 / +1 414-908-4954 ext. 111

Association Management
(mailing list requests, webinars, publication ordering, and conference management)
 Nancy Short, Executive Director
+1 800-817-0621 ext. 136 / +1 414-908-4954 ext. 136

Katie Young Eagle, Association Specialist
+1 800-817-0621 ext. 106 / +1 414-908-4954 ext. 106

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Thursday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Central
Friday, 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM Central

Mailing Address:
7044 S. 13th Street
Oak Creek, WI 53154