Publications Received 2021

The following publications were received by the ARLIS/NA Reviews Editors for consideration for review in 2021. (Click here for Publications Received 2020)

Alberto Giacometti: Face to Face by Christian Alandete and Jo Widoff. Hirmer Publishers, January 2021. 252 p. ill. ISBN 9783777436487 (pbk.), $45.00.

Alice Neel: People Come First by Kelly Baum and Randall Griffey. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, April 2021. 256 p. ill. ISBN 9781588397256 (h/c), $50.00. [Received as PDF]

Americans in Spain: Painting and Travel, 1820-1920 by Brandon Ruud and Corey Piper. Yale University Press, January 2021. 224 p. ill. ISBN 9780300252965 (h/c), $60.00. [Review forthcoming: May 2021]

Another Aesthetics is Possible: Arts of Rebellion in the Fourth World War by Jennifer Ponce de León. Duke University Press, April 2021. 328 p. ill. ISBN 9781478011255 (pbk.), $27.95. [Received as PDF]

Artemisia Gentileschi: The Language of Painting by Jesse M. Locker. Yale University Press, January 2021. 248 p. ill. ISBN 9780300259056 (pbk.), $40.00.

Beyond Zen: Japanese Buddhism Revealed edited by Katherine Anne Paul. Giles Publishing, June 2021. 164 p. ill. ISBN 9781911282556 (h/c), $44.95. [Received as PDF]

Building a New World: Amerikanizm in Russian Architecture by Jean-Louis Cohen. Yale University Press, January 2021. 544 p. ill. ISBN 9780300248159 (pbk.) $40.00.

Bukowski: The Shooting by Abe Frajndlich and Glenn Esterly. Hirmer Publishers, November 2020. 96 p. ill. ISBN 9783777436678 (h/c), $36.00.

The Catalogue of the Feinberg Collection of Japanese Art by Rachel Saunders. Harvard Art Museums, March 2021. 264 p. ill. ISBN 9780300250909 (h/c), $65.00. [Received as PDF and print]

A Century of Color in Design: 250 Innovative Objects and the Stories Behind Them by David Harrison. Thames & Hudson, May 2021. 320 p. ill. ISBN 9781760761288 (h/c), $34.95. [Received as PDF]

Claudia Wieser: Generations by Rachel Adams and Jennifer Carty. Smart Museum of Art, The University of Chicago, March 2021. 160 p. ill. ISBN 9780935573633 (h/c), $27.50.

Control Chaos: Redefining the Visual Cultures of Asia, PHUNK by Justin Zhuang. Thames & Hudson, February 2021. 240 p. ill. ISBN 9780500296042 (h/c), $50.00. [Received as PDF]

Cuban Modernism: Mid-Century Architecture, 1940-1970 by Victor Deupi and Jean-François Lejeune. Birkhäuser, February 2021. 336 p. ill. ISBN 9783035616415 (h/c), $60.00. [Received as PDF]

Dark Toys: Surrealism and the Culture of Childhood by David Hopkins. Yale University Press, March 2021. 352 p. ill. ISBN 9780300225747 (h/c), $50.00.

Destination Art (Art Essentials Series) by Amy Dempsey. Thames & Hudson, March 2021. 176 p. ill. ISBN 9780500295601 (pbk.), $16.95. [Received as PDF]

Domesticating the Invisible: Form and Environmental Anxiety in Postwar America by Melissa S. Ragain. University of California Press, January 2021. 264 p. ill. ISBN 9780520342825 (h/c), $65.00. [Received as PDF]

Electrifying Design: A Century of Lighting edited by Sarah Schleuning and Cindi Strauss. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and Yale University Press, March 2021. 220 p. ill. ISBN 9780300354570 (h/c), $50.00.

Elijah Pierce’s America edited by Nancy Ireson and Zoé Whitley. Paul Holberton Publishing and the Barnes Foundation, December 2020. 208 p. ill. ISBN 9781911300878 (h/c), $50.00.

Folon: The Sculptures by Jean-Michel Folon et al. Mercatorfonds and Yale University Press, February 2021. 208 p. ill. ISBN 9780300257717 (h/c), $45.00.

The Flowering: The Autobiography of Judy Chicago by Judy Chicago and Gloria Steinem. Thames & Hudson July 2021. 416 p. ill. ISBN 9780500094389 (h/c), $39.95. [Received as PDF]

The Future History of Contemporary Chinese Art by Peggy Wang. University of Minnesota Press, January 2021. 256 p. ill. ISBN 9781517909161 (pbk.), $30.00.

Georg Baselitz by Richard Calvocoressi. Thames & Hudson, May 2021. 392 p. ill. ISBN 9780500094150 (h/c), $115.00. [Received as PDF]

Gerald Clarke: Falling Rock edited by David Evans Fratz and Christine Giles. Hirmer Publishers, January 2021. 152 p. ill. ISBN 9783777434490 (h/c), $50.00.

Growing up Modern: Childhoods in Iconic Homes by Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster. Birkhäuser, February 2021. 320 p. ill. ISBN 9783035619058 (h/c), $47.00. [Received as PDF]

Hazel Belvo: A Matriarch of Art by Julie L’Enfant. University of Minnesota Press, December 2020. 300 p. ill. ISBN 9781890434953 (h/c), $49.95.

How Photography Became Contemporary Art: Inside an Artistic Revolution from Pop to the Digital Age by Andy Grundberg. Yale University Press, April 2021. 296 p. ill. ISBN 9780300234107 (h/c), $40.00.

How the Working-Class Home Became Modern, 1900-1940 by Thomas C. Hubka. University of Minnesota Press, December 2020. 288 p. ill. ISBN 9780816693016 (pbk.), $40.00.

The Iconic Jersey: Baseball X Fashion by Erin R. Corrales-Diaz. D. Giles Publishing, June 2021. 192 p. ill. ISBN 9781911282284 (h/c), $34.95. [Received as PDF]

Is it Ours? Art, Copyright and Public Interest by Martha Buskirk. University of California Press, April 2021. 304 p. ill. ISBN 9780520344594 (h/c.), $50.00. [Received as PDF]

James Castle: Memory Palace by John Beardsley. Yale University Press, March 2021. 280 p. ill. ISBN 9780300253498 (h/c), $65.00.

Jewels of the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Treasures of the Worcester Art Museum by Peter Lacovara and Yvonne J. Markowitz, edited by Sue D’Auria. Giles Publishing, May 2021. 216 p. ill. ISBN 9781911282792 (h/c), $49.95. {Received as PDF]

The Last Cruze edited by LaToya Ruby Frazier Karsten Lund and Solveig Øvstebø. Renaissance Society and the University of Chicago Press, January 2021. 340 p. ill. ISBN 9780941548793 (pbk.), $50.00.

The Life and Times of Jo Mora: Iconic Artist of the American West by Peter Hiller. Gibbs Smith, April 2021. 336 p. ill. ISBN 9781423657354 (h/c), $30.00. [Received as PDF]

Locating Sol Lewitt edited by David S. Areford. Yale University Press, March 2021. 288 p. ill. ISBN 9780300246049 (h/c), $50.00.

Louise Bourgeois, Freud’s Daughter by Philip Larratt-Smith. Yale University Press and the Jewish Museum, New York, May 2021. 156 p. ill., ISBN 9780300247244 (h/c), $45.00. [Received as PDF]

Lover’s Eyes: Eye Miniatures from the Skier Collection by Elle Shushan, Graham Boettcher, and Stephen Lloyd. D. Giles Publishing, July 2021. 280 p. ill. ISBN 9781911282938 (h/c), $50.00. [Received as PDF]

Making History: IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts edited by Nancy Marie Mithlo. University of New Mexico Press, October 2020. 296 p. ill. ISBN 9780826362094 (pbk.), $39.95. [Received as PDF]

Marking Time: Objects, People, and Their Lives, 1500-1800 edited by Edward Town and Angela McShane. Yale University Press, November 2020. 512 p. ill. ISBN 9780300254105 (h/c), $65.00.

Minor China: Method, Materialisms, and Aesthetic by Hentyle Yapp. Duke University Press, April 2021. 288 p. ill. ISBN 9781478011552 (pbk.), $26.95.

My Generation: The Jablonka Collection edited by Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Elsy Lahner, and Rafael Jablonka. Hirmer Publishers, January 2021. 200 p. ill. ISBN 9783777435688 (h/c), $45.00.

Myself and My Aims: Writings on Art and Criticism edited by Megan R. Luke (translated by Timothy Grundy). University of Chicago Press, March 2021. 656 p. ill. ISBN 9780226129396 (h/c), $40.00.

Nature Inside: Plants and Flowers in the Modern Interior by Penny Sparke. Yale University Press, February 2021. 224 p. ill. ISBN 9780300244021 (h/c), $50.00.

The New Art Museum Library edited by Amelia Nelson and Traci E. Timmons. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, April 2021. 232 p. ISBN 9781538135693 (h/c), $55.00. [Received as PDF]

Object Biographies: Collaborative Approaches to Ancient Mediterranean Art edited by John North Hopkins, Sarah Kielt Costello, and Paul R. Davis. The Menil Collection, February 2021. 240 p. ill. ISBN 9780300250879 (h/c), $50.00.

Paintings on Stone: Science and the Sacred, 1530-1800 edited by Judith W. Mann. Hirmer Publishers, January 2021. 320 p. ill. ISBN 9783777435565 (h/c), $50.00.

The Pensive Image: Art as a Form of Thinking by Hanneke Grootenboer. University of Chicago Press, February 2021. 240 p. ill. ISBN 9780226717951 (h/c), $35.00.

Piotr Szyhalski: We are Working All the Time! Edited by Diane Mullin. University of Minnesota Press, December 2020. 176 p. ill. ISBN 9781517909567 (h/c), $39.95.

Proximities: art, education, activism edited by George Slade. TC Photo, December 2020. 260 p. ill. ISBN 9781735784502 (pbk.), $45.00.

Relations: Diaspora and Painting edited by Cheryl Sim. Hirmer Publishers, January 2021. 128 p. ill. ISBN 9783777435992 (h/c), $50.00.

Rembrandt in Amsterdam: Creativity and Competition edited by Stephanie S. Dickey and Jochen Sander. Yale University Press, April 2021. 384 p. ill. ISBN 9780300249934 (h/c), $50.00.

Risquons-Tout: Contemporary Artists Venture into Risk, Unpredictability, and Transgression edited by Dirk Snauwaert. Mercatorfonds and Yale University Press, February 2021. 272 p. ill. ISBN 9780300257694 (pbk.), $50.00.

The Self-Portrait (Art Essentials Series) by Natalie Rudd. Thames & Hudson, March 2021. 176 p. ill. ISBN 9780500295816 (pbk.), $16.95. [Received as PDF]

The Soul of a Nation: Writings by and about Black American Artists, 1960-1980 edited by Mark Godfrey and Allie Biswas. Gregory R. Miller & Co. (distributed by D.A.P.). June 2021. 568 p. ill. ISBN 9781941366325 (pbk.), $39.95. [Received as PDF]

Speaking of Objects: African Art in the Art Institute of Chicago edited by Constantine Petridis. Yale University Press, November 2020. 216 p. ill. ISBN 9780300254327 (h/c), $40.00.

Spring Cannot Be Cancelled: David Hockney in Normandy by Martin Gayford and David Hockney. Thames & Hudson, April 2021. 280 p. ill. ISBN 9780500094365 (h/c), $34.95. [Received as PDF]

The Story of the Bayeux Tapestry: Unraveling the Norman Conquest by David Musgrove and Michael Lewis. Thames & Hudson, April 2021. 352 p. ill. ISBN 9780500252420 (h/c), $34.95. [Received as PDF]

Synthesis: Lost and Found in America: The Art of Vesna Kittelson by Vesna Kittelson. University of Minnesota Press, May 2020. 144 p. ill. ISBN 9781890434946 (h/c), $39.95.

The Thief Who Stole My Heart: The Material Life of Sacred Bronzes from Chola India, 855-1280 by Vidya Dehejia. Princeton University Press, May 2021. 336 p. ill. ISBN 9780691202594 (h/c), $75.00. [Received as PDF]

Trusted Eye: Post World War II Adventures of a Fearless Art Advocate by Claudia Fontaine Chidester. Fontaine Archive, February 2021. 302 p. ill. ISBN 9780988835825 (h/c), $75.00. [Received as PDF]

Under Discussion -- The Encyclopedic Museum by Donatien Grau. Getty Publications, June 2021. 256 p. ill. ISBN 9781606067192 (pbk.), $35.00. [Received as PDF]

Visions of Heaven: Dante and the Art of Divine Light by Martin Kemp. Lund Humphries, May 2021. 240 p. ill ISBN 9781848224674 (h/c), $89.99. [Received as PDF]

We Have Not Seen Each Other For So Long: Art of the Lost Generation. The Böhme Collection edited by Heinz R. Böhme. Hirmer Publishers, January 2021. 272 p. ill. ISBN9783777433899 (h/c). $45.00.

Why Monet Matters: Meaning Among the Lily Pads by James H. Rubin. Penn State University Press, February 2021. 392 p. ill. ISBN 9780271086200 (h/c), $99.95. [Received as PDF]

William S. Schwartz: Color and Coloratura by Alex Cornacchia. Madron Press, March 2021. 56 p. ill. ISBN 9781734682601 (h/c), $34.99. [Received as PDF]

Xenia Hausner: True Lies edited by Elsy Lahner and Klaus Albrecht Schröder. Hirmer Publishers, January 2021. 240 p. ill. ISBN 9783777435381 (h/c), $52.00. 



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