ARLIS/NA New York 46th Annual Conference

ARLIS/NA First-time Attendee Guide

First thing: download the Sched App on your smartphone or device to download the conference schedule

  • If you’d like to print the program, click on the "How to Print Schedule" under the “Program” tab
  • Consider creating a personal schedule or “track” for yourself ahead of time, to avoid being overwhelmed

Not-To-Miss Useful Information About The Conference

  • Reception for First-time Attendees, New Members, and International Guests
    Meet the ARLIS/NA President, members of the Executive Board and Membership Committee, and other new members like you!
  • Membership Meeting
    Learn who’s who in the ARLIS/NA leadership, where future conferences will be, goals of the organization, etc.
  • Welcome Reception
    Informal time to mingle, view the artwork, and enjoy the refreshments.
  • Tours
    Sign up for at least one tour. It’s a good way to meet other members, it’s enriching, and some are very inexpensive.
  • Workshops
    Register for a workshop to learn and discuss innovative and more in-depth topics, with hands on or interactive experience.
  • Convocation & Reception
    The Convocation is a formal program with the presentation of awards, special tributes, and honors. Following is a reception and another opportunity to mingle with colleagues, visit a local museum, and enjoy refreshments.
  • Sessions
    Go to sessions related to your job, and consider attending the meeting of the Division or Section that best matches your responsibilities: Academic, Museum, Art & Design School, Visual Resources, Architecture, Cataloging, or Research & Information Services. Similarly, consider attending other sessions that aren’t! They might just inspire you to look at your work in new and interesting ways.
  • Chapter Meetings
    Be sure to attend your local chapter meeting. Great opportunity for service and to meet art librarians in your area.
  • SIG Meetings (Special Interest Group).
    Go to their meetings, you don’t need to be a member to find out what they are discussing.
  • Connecting with ArLiSNAP
    If you’re new to the profession or the organization, consider connecting with ArLiSNAP (Art Library Students & New ARLIS Library Professionals). They sponsor sessions, workshops, events, and have a great JobList.
  • Diversity Forum
    Library identity is defined by working with diverse populations who may not necessarily see themselves reflected in the workforce or within library resources. Therefore, the Diversity Forum, at the 2019 ARLIS/NA Conference, will focus on intersectionality through guidance. This opportunity will allow ARLIS members to learn about how marginalization impacts growth in our profession as well as discuss what is missing from the conversation in terms of leadership, administration and outreach.

Conference Survival Tips

  • Check out the Local Guide Maps provided by the conference team with great suggestions
  • Download the Hotel Floor Map to quickly find meeting or event rooms
  • Get an external charger for your phone -- it’s no fun to sit by a wall or search for an outlet to charge your phone
  • Hydrate & Eat - Drink plenty of water and bring snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day and tide you over between meals
  • Bring a refillable water bottle. Water will be provided throughout the conference
  • Meet up with other attendees, and plan on splitting up to go to different concurrent sessions. You can reconvene later and share notes
  • If you miss a session, know that some will be recorded and available later through the ARLIS/NA Learning Portal. You’ll find links to presentations on the ARLIS/NA website post-conference
  • Don’t count on wifi coverage - it’s often a lot of people on the network
  • Bring a sweater to sessions - conference rooms tend to be chilly!
  • This year’s conference is green and bags will not be distributed. Bring your own!
  • Sign-up to pair up with a first-time attendee conference mentor/guide when you register
  • Volunteer to help at the Registration Desk or at one of the events. You can sign up on the Conference Registration Form, HERE, or under “Submissions” on the website.
  • Meet the exhibitors and work through the Exhibit Hall
    • Bring business cards
    • Break it up and return a few times rather than trying to visit all at once
    • Attend the scheduled breaks in the Exhibit Hall and the “Featured Vendor Presentations”
    • Be prepared: know your collection development goals and focus on materials that fit your library’s interests
    • You are not expected to buy or commit to anything when talking to the exhibitors, so don’t be intimidated. It’s an opportunity to get to know them, learn what they offer, and take back the information for future consideration.
    • Many ARLIS/NA exhibitors are small businesses and the owner is the person at the table. They know the answers to all your tough questions!
    • Thank the exhibitors for coming to the conference. On-going exhibitor sponsorships help to lower the cost of your registration!

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1st Time Attendees

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